22nd January 2018 

Supervision and Training


In supervision I provide individual and group supervision. My approach is relational with my roots from Classical TA. This means I can target the supervision to your needs, if you are just starting out as a counsellor or therapist and would like guidelines on how to set up private practice or any of the other myriad of questions you might have then I would provide a more structured supervision to suit your needs.

If on the other hand you are more experienced then we would work on a level of exploring your client work and the impacts on you, this comes through us building a relationship between ourselves. I am happy to structure supervision according to your needs.

You will have noticed that I specialise in couples and relationship work, I offer one off sessions in this work. This means if you want some extra help or are even just taking on this work I offer one off sessions to suit your needs.

PTSTA.I am endorsed as a supervisor and trainer by the European Association of Transactional Analysis.

You are welcome to come for a free half hour meet.
Fees: 50.00 for fifty minutes .Please do contact me if you have any queries.


The Key to Couples Work
I have developed my own training based on TA for working with relationships and couples. The training is called "The Key to Couples Work" and provides a structured guide in how to undertake this interesting area of therapy. I deliver the training over two days, this is held in various locations including Winchester.

I also deliver a TA 101 based on working with couples, this provides an introduction to TA and how to work with couples. This weekend works well as a part one to the two days "Key to" couples training.

Boundaries in Practice

Boundaries in Practice is a one-day workshop looking at the many challenges we experience in our therapeutic work. This work may be in private practice, placement or employment.
The practitioners’ boundaries are often challenged in many ways, both overt and covert. Through Berne we know about ulterior transactions and it is often here that our boundaries and challenged. The workshop looks at the need for the practitioner to start with healthy self-care boundaries and to be aware of when they may be breeched. Healthy boundaries are not about keeping the other out they are in fact about building intimate relationships that will help you and your practice to flourish.

Please email for any information on trainings.

Some feedback from the trainings:

It gave me a framework and tools how to work
More than I expected
Great overview of a framework to use for couples
Useful and thought provoking
Interesting and enlightening. Impactful