16th January 2019 


I have gained the following qualifications.

Transactional Analysis 101 Certificate.

Certified Transactional Analyst MSc ( Psychotherapy) 2011

Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy 2011

In 2003 I qualified as a Humanistic counsellor based on Transactional Analysis.

In 2004 I trained in couples counselling at the Metanoia Institute London.

I am experienced in working with an age range from eleven years and up. Having trained and worked at a agency providing counselling for young people in the Southampton area. This work included seeing young people at the agency and working in schools and colleges.

I worked at The Priory Hospital, running groups including CBT, seeing individuals and couples.

I now work in private practice seeing individuals for a range of problems and couples. I am interested in clients achieving a healthy balance to their lives. We often don't realise the impact stressful times can have long term on our sleep, health and well being.

CTA. Certified Transactional Analysist.

MSc Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy.

Certificate in Supervision from The Metanoia Institute London.

Diploma in Clinical Supervision from The Metanoia Institute London

PTSTA. Endorsed as a supervisor and trainer by the European Association of Transactional Analysis.

I am an Accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapy.

Memberships and codes of practice:

British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists ( BACP) www.bacp.co.uk

UK Council of Psychotherapy ( UKCP) www.psychotherapy. org.uk

UK Association of Transactional Analysis www.uktransactionalanalysis.co.uk