16th January 2019 

About Counselling / Psychotherapy

Transactional Analysis basically means looking at the transactions we have with those around us, how we communicate. I have found this model of working to be highly effective in helping my clients. What TA offers is a wide range of tools for me to assist you the client, this is an open process. Sometimes I might teach my client some of these tools, for example the Drama Triangle. This uses a diagram devised by Stephen Karpman.

About Counselling / Psychotherapy. drama triangle
At the three corners are the three Drama Triangle positions or roles, Persecutor, Rescuer and Victim. What we would look at is the role which you most often feel yourself drawn to. For example, if you are a Rescuer then you might spend a lot of your time trying to help people whether they want it or not. Only to find yourself feeling hurt or rejected. Thus you have moved to the Victim position. Our aim in therapy is to look at the reasons for your need to Rescue and then you can decide if this is a pattern you wish to continue. This is just one example of the use of the Drama Triangle and just one of the many tools I can use when working with my clients.

I am interested in how you see a problem and in helping you to understand yourself better within a situation. We will use our relationship to enable you to find the way forward. This I see as fundamental in finding a long term cure for life's problems.

In our book we expand on this and give some real life examples. www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0008240825?tag=hcuknonficads-21